Frequently-Asked Questions

What’s happening with the Cheechoo project right now?

  • Metallurgical tests continue on representative mineralized samples of Cheechoo at the KCA facilities in Reno, Nevada. These tests could have a positive economic impact on a future Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) for the project.

How is our relationship with local (Cree) communities?

  • Our relationships with the local Cree communities are solid. We have established good communications with the Grand Council of the Crees, the Band chiefs and the tallymen after 25 years of working together.

What is our exploration team currently working on?

  • In addition to advancing our flagship Cheechoo project toward development phases, our geologists are currently working on data compilation, project generation and planning for future exploration campaigns.

What measures are in place for Sirios Resources’ future?

  • We are putting several corporate strategies in place and we believe they will have positive impacts on our business.

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