MONTREAL, QUEBEC- Management of SIRIOS (TSX-V: SOI) is pleased to announce the acquisition by map designation of three new gold exploration projects in Eeyou Istchee James Bay, Quebec. The Goldorak property, consisting of 124 claims covering 60 km2, was acquired by the expertise developed by the Sirios exploration team from its Cheechoo gold discovery. Two other claim blocks, currently pending, will form the Amikap and Keoz properties consisting of 169 (87 km2) and 66 claims (34 km2) respectively. The acquisition of these two new properties resulted from a geoscientific research project led by CONSOREM, a research group composed of specialized researchers in the field of mineral exploration of which Sirios joined in 2017. This project was developed from exclusive lithogeochemical data provided by Sirios to the CONSOREM researchers in order to determine potential auriferous exploration targets corresponding to a new James Bay metallogenic model, the Cheechoo project.


The projects are 100% owned by Sirios. The Goldorak property is located at approximately 40 km south to the town of Radisson and approximately 5 km east of the James Bay road connecting Matagami to Radisson. The Amikap and Keoz claim blocks are located approximately 70 km north of the Cheechoo project and less than 25 km south of the Trans-Taïga road.  The Amikap claim block covers five targets defined from the CONSOREM study, while the Keoz block covers two additional targets. Other than regional governmental mapping, there has been essentially no other previous exploration work done in the areas acquired by Sirios.



The goal of CONSOREM (Mineral exploration research consortium) is to undertake applied research work related to mineral exploration in a university environment. CONSOREM is responsible for grouping industrial and government partners interested in conducting R&D program to meet regional and national mineral exploration needs. For more information on this consortium, please visit their website:

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