Confidential information relating to the Corporation’s business is a very important asset of the Corporation that belongs to it and must be protected.


“Confidential information” is comprised of certain details concerning the commercial methods of the Corporation as well as its production methods, its distribution systems, its commercial projects, its properties and deposits, its past, present and future mining explorations, its commercial secrets and other information of a confidential nature that belongs to the Corporation, including, without limitation, information of a financial nature, information concerning employees, information concerning clients, innovations, including namely all industrial concepts, processes, formulae, specialized know-how, improvements, innovations (patented or not) and specialized techniques.

Confidential information does not include:

  1. information known to the public or available to the public prior to the date of its release;
  2. information that becomes known to the public or available to the public after the date of its release and that does not arise from a violation of the confidentiality undertaking of a director or an employee.


Each director and employee of the Corporation must preserve the confidentiality of the Confidential information and may not in any circumstances, both during and after his mandate or employment with the Corporation, disclose to anyone Confidential information and must use the Confidential information only for the benefit of the Corporation.

Upon the termination of his mandate or employment, each director or employee must return to the Corporation all Confidential information in his possession, on any support whatsoever, including all documents prepared by him, and continue to preserve the confidentiality of the Confidential information.


Each employee assigns, irrevocably and for no consideration, to the Corporation or to any other person that the Corporation may designate in writing, all rights that he already holds or that he may hold with respect to any invention, discovery or improvement that he may do or have done during his employment as well as all intellectual property rights attached thereto.


All directors and employees of the Corporation must avoid conflicts of interest, both real or apparent.


A situation susceptible of presenting a risk of interference real of apparent between the personal interest of a director or employee and the interests of the Corporation.


  • Directors

If a director has a material interest in a transaction or an agreement reviewed by the Board of directors or is otherwise in a situation of conflict of interest in connection therewith, he must disclose his conflict of interest and not participate in any discussion, evaluation or decision relating to such transaction or agreement.  Also, the Board of directors may implement all measures that it deems necessary in such a context.

  • Employees

In discharging their duties, employees must act honestly and in good faith, with a view to the best interests of the Corporation.  Employees must avoid situations that may result in a conflict between their personal interests and the interests of the Corporation and consequently may not have a material personal interest in a transaction of the Corporation, or with respect to a party to such a transaction.  An employee must immediately inform and consult the president and chief executive officer of the Corporation each time that an ambiguous situation, or a situation that may constitute a conflict of interest, occurs.

Any activity or employment outside the Corporation which might reduce the capacity of an employee to fulfill his general duty of loyalty to the Corporation, or affect his independent judgment, as well as his decisions or actions taken on the Corporation’s behalf, must be avoided.  Employees may not engage in paid employment outside of the Corporation without the express written permission of the president and chief executive officer of the Corporation and are strictly prohibited from engaging in employment that might conflict with the interests of the Corporation.  Employees wishing to participate in professional activities which ensue from their functions or status within the Corporation or which would necessitate time or energy during the working hours, must also obtain the prior written consent of the president and chief executive officer of the Corporation.

The governance, environment and health/safety committee must be made aware of any situation and shall recommend or not actions to the Board of directors.  Afterwards, the Board of directors may implement the measures that it will deem necessary.

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