Aquilon project

The first major gold discovery for Sirios, the Aquilon project includes 104 claims, covering approximately 50 km², located ten kilometers south of the LA-1 hydroelectric complex at James Bay. Currently at the drilling stage, the project is accessible at any time of the year.

A drilling campaign has confirmed the very high grade of gold mineralization.

Target(s): Gold Number of claims: 140
Participation: 100% Sirios Approx. area: 68 km2

Best results

  • 834.4 g/T Au over 1.71 metres (m) (Moman Vein)
    including 3,527.4 g/T Au over 0.40 m;
  • 116.48 g/T Au over 2.25 m (Moman Vein);
  • 425.33g/T Au over 0.60 m (Moman Vein);
  • 133.67 g/T Au over 0.82 m (Fleur de Lys Vein); and
  • 26.70 g/T Au over 0.40 m (Muscovite Vein).

At a glance

  • Gold property of 140 claims
  • Covers approximately 70 km²
  • Located ten kilometers south of the LA-1 hydroelectric complex in James Bay
  • Underlain by parts of a folded, weakly dipping greenstone-belt, containing a felsic volcanic center and cut by strong NE structures
  • An outfitter with a landing strip is situated less than 40 minutes from the property by an all-weather road leading to LA-1 dam

Fieldwork and Geology

  • In 2010, Sirios completed a 1,926-metre surface drilling program of 35 short vertical drill holes targeting the Lingo (10), Moman (14), Fleur De Lys (11) and Muscovite showings
  • Previous drill results which returned over 1.0 ounce per ton (34.29 g/t), include:
    • 3 230,9 g/t Au over 0.80 m (94 on/ton over 2.62 feet)
    • incl. 12,906.5 g/t Au over 0.20 m (376 on/ton over 0.65 feet
  • A compilation of previous results is ongoing
  • In August 2019, Sirios added an additional 36 claims to the property and initiated prospecting, detailed mapping and lithogeochemical sampling on the property. This fieldwork was undertaken on areas highlighted by geological and structural modelling and reinterpretation completed by Sirios’ geologists.


In 2016, Sirios acquired the 50% interest of Golden Tag for $820,000, allocated as follows: $250,000 in cash and $570,000 by the issuance of 1,000,000 shares at a deemed price of $0.57 per share. Aquilon property and Soquem Inc. will retain a 1% NSR royalty, half of which is redeemable for $500,000. Since then, Sirios owns wholly the property.

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