JANUARY 18, 2000

First Closings of Sirios’ Public Financing

MONTREAL, QUEBEC–In December 1999 and January 2000, SIRIOS
RESOURCES INC. (“SIRIOS”) completed the first closings of its
public financing as released on December 2, 1999. A total of 401
A units and 60 B units were subscribed for $345,750.
Consequently, 2,305,000 new Common Shares shall be issued promptly
increasing the total issued and outstanding Common Shares of
SIRIOS to 15,386,474. Furthermore, a total of 701,000 share
purchase warrants shall be issued, each warrant giving its holder
thereof the right to buy one SIRIOS’ Common Share at $0.20 on or
before May 29, 2001.

As indicated in the prospectus, the B units are still being
offered with each B unit including 5,000 Common Shares at $0.15
per share and 5,000 share purchase warrants as abovedescribed.
The minimum subscription is two units and Alpha Capital Inc.
(tel.: 514-397-9252) acts as underwriter.

Funds raised by SIRIOS will be used to pursue exploration
activities on the SCHOLFIELD diamond property, in Ontario, as well
as on the Quebec properties: TILLY (molybdenum-copper), MONIQUE
(zinc-copper), DELESTRE (gold) and TILLY CENTRE (gold) where an 8
sq. km soil gold anomaly reaching up to 10 g/T has just been
confirmed by till sampling (up to 279 gold grains) (ref.: 11/17/99
press release).

Shareholders or anyone interested in SIRIOS’ activities are
welcome to meet the officers at the Savings & Investment
Marketplace to be held in Quebec City from January 20 to January
23, 2000 and in Montreal from January 28 to January 31, 2000.

SIRIOS is an exploration company for diamond, precious and base
metals. Some 13,081,474 Common Shares of SIRIOS are issued and
outstanding. Common Shares of SIRIOS are listed for trading on
the Montreal Exchange under SOI.


For more information:
Dominique Doucet, CEO
Phone: 514-510-7961

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