MARCH 4, 2004 - 16:11 ET

Update on Sirios' Activities


The following is an update of some of SIRIOS's active projects : 

DUSSIEUX Gold Property, Matagami Area, Quebec : 

Before the end of this month, SIRIOS will start a 500-meter 
diamond drilling program testing a strong carbonatisation 
(ankerite) lithogeochemical anomaly related to a shear or a fault 
zone.  Gold anomalous values ranging from 55 ppb over 56 meters 
up to 2,36 g/t over 1 meter were previously outlined in the 
margin of this anomaly within quartz-feldspar porphyries.  This 
geological context is favourable for gold deposits similar to the 
ones found in the Abitibi belt (ref.: 07/03/2003 Press Release). 

ESCALE Gold Property, LG-4 Area, James Bay, Quebec : 

SIRIOS previously clearly demonstrated that the iron formations 
occurring on this property are anomalous in gold over a strike 
length of more than 20 kilometers.  Till surveys carried out in 
1998 were successful in delineating a 10 km section of the 
volcano-sedimentary belt with high gold potential in sheared 
and/or complexly folded iron formations and associated volcanics 
and sediments (Musselwhite-Lupin type).  The Escale property 
hosts actually several extensive untested geophysical conductors 
with some being coincidental with till gold anomalies.  Even low 
grade gold zones occurring in hole E-04, drilled in 1996, (1.9 
g/t Au/1.5 m and 1.5 g/t Au / 1.95 m) may be developed into 
higher grade and greater gold zones considering that the iron 
formation is untested for up to 5 km on strike (and at depth) to 
this specific location. 

Follow up will be initiated during the 2004 summer and will 
include limited geophysical surveys as well as a 1,000-meter 
diamond drilling program. 

TILLY Copper-gold-molybdenum, LG-4 Area, James Bay, Quebec : 

Numerous polymetallic (molybdenum, copper-silver-gold) showings 
were discovered by SIRIOS through the years on this property.  A 
prospecting program, originally planned in 2003 will be carried 
out this summer.  It will focus mainly on the eastern and 
north-eastern parts of the property where sixteen rock panel 
samples (1m x 1m) taken in 2001 over an area of 1,25 km x 500 m 
graded from 0,09% up to 1,77% of copper and averaged 0,47% and 
where two other rock pannel samples, taken between known 
breccias, graded 1,50% and 1,34% in copper and 151 and 988 ppb in 
gold respectively. (ref. : 05/08/2003). 


SIRIOS agreed to terminate agreements with Amazonia Mineracao 
Ltda. in Brazil.  Following a careful review of the two brazilian 
projects, Garaffa and Terra Nova, as well as its original 
objectives for Brazil, the Board of Directors decided, in the 
best interest of the Company, to refocus its exploration 
activities in Canada, mainly in Quebec and Ontario.  However, 
SIRIOS will continue to study opportunities in Brazil which may 
qualified to its development criteria. Furthermore, SIRIOS will 
maintain its dynamic leadership in base metals and gold 
exploration in Quebec and new projects will be added in the short 
term to those already in place. 

For more information:
Dominique Doucet, CEO
Phone: 514-510-7961

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