DECEMBER 8, 2000 – 13:44 EST

SIRIOS RESOURCES INC.: New Significant Results at Tilly
and Flow-Through Financing

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA–New prospecting results were just
released regarding the TILLY Polymetallic Project of SIRIOS
RESOURCES INC, James Bay, Québec. A recent soil survey (170
samples taken each 150 m) completed over the extents of previously
delineated copper, molybdenum and gold anomalies (September survey
:328 samples) is returning values up to 459 ppm copper. Three new
copper-molybdenum hydrothermal breccia were also discovered
through reconnaissance work outside of the known zones as well as
two new mineralized occurrences : the Ozzy NE showing, grading up
to 0.66% Cu, 214 ppb gold, 0.3% Mo and 6 g/T silver and the Ricky
showing returning 0.3% Cu in many places and around 10 g/T Ag and
159 ppb gold. Following these significant results, SIRIOS has
just increased the property area up to more than 84 sq.
kilometers. Furthermore, a final receipt was granted this week to
SIRIOS for a flow-through share financing by way of prospectus.

The Ozzy breccia (1200 m X 25-100 m) grades up to 0.76% Mo, 0.2%
Cu, 4 g/T Ag and 71 ppb Au. The Alix breccia (400 m X 25-75 m),
only explored in part, returned up to 2.17% Mo, 78 ppb Au and 1.6
g/T Ag and is mineralized with chalcocite and malachite (Cu). The
Big Butte breccia (uncovered over 500 m X 50-75 m) could not be
sampled due to the snow cover.

At least three new significant soil Cu-Mo anomalous zones were
discovered, each covering some 300-450 m and following the same
strike. They grade up to 148 ppm Mo and 134 ppm Cu (1.4 g/T Ag),
180 ppm Mo and 113-130 ppm Cu as well as 459 ppm Cu (0.6 g/T Ag),
respectively. These new soil anomalies remain open laterally.
SIRIOS’s officers are looking forward with expectations to the
2001 sampling program follow up.

The extent of the TILLY hydrothermal breccia is reaching four
kilometers following the Firecracker-Yogi-Boubou-Alix-Big Butte
axis whereas another major axis (Ozzy) can be delineated one
kilometer north. Previously released diamond drill results
reported up to 0.18% Mo over 80 feet (0.07% Mo and 0.03% Cu over
280 feet), 0.28% Mo over 24 feet and 0.14% Mo over 74 feet as well
as 0.18% Mo over 294 feet in track sampling and 0.12 Cu and 0.11%
Mo over 44 feet. All samples were assayed by ICP method in Bondar
Clegg Chimitec Assay Office, Val d’Or. The annual meeting of
SIRIOS shall be held on December 18, 2000 at 2:00 pm at the Delta
Montréal Hotel.


For more information:
Dominique Doucet, CEO
Phone: 514-510-7961

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