MAY 8, 2003 - 12:25 EST

SIRIOS RESOURCES INC.: Progress Report on Tilly

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA--An airborne magnetometric and 
electromagnetic survey as well as a compilation of all geological 
data was recently completed by SIRIOS RESOURCES INC. on its TILLY 
polymetallic property, James Bay, Quebec.  Numerous polymetallic 
(molybdenum, copper-silver-gold) showings were discovered by 
SIRIOS through the years, including several km large molybdenum 
(copper) bearing hydrothermal breccias (ref.: press releases 
12/08/2000, 11/29/2000). 

The airborne geophysical survey (EM data pending) outlined many 
magnetic anomalies in favourable and well located geological 
areas for copper-gold porphyry mineralization outside or 
surrounding the known hydrothermal breccias.  One anomaly is 
located along the archean-proterozoic unconformity at the top 
contact between felsic volcanic (rhyolites) and sedimentary 
rocks.  The latest field work led to the discovery of numerous 
new copper-gold and molybdenum showings indicating a metallic 
zonation from molybdenum to the west towards copper-gold to the 
east.  Among the results(i), note sixteen rock panel samples (1m 
x 1m) taken over an area of 1,25 km x 500 m (new breccia Sans 
Nom) grading from 0,09% up to 1,77% of copper and averaging 
0,47%.  Two other rock pannel samples, taken between known 
breccias, graded 1,50% and 1,34% Cu (copper) and 151 and 988 
ppb(ii) Au (gold) respectively.  Furthermore, for the first time 
in this area, basalts and rhyolites (sericitised) were 

Work completed up to date led indicates that there is a good 
potential for porphyry and epithermal types of copper-gold 
mineralisation and that additional exploration work is fully 
warranted.  SIRIOS is presently planning a new exploration 
program for this property to be carried out this year. 

(i) All samples were assayed by ICP method in ALS Chemex Chimitec 
Val d'Or laboratories. 

(ii) ppb : parts per billion, 1 000 ppb = 1g/t. 

Options granted to directors: 

A total of 485,000 share purchase options at $0,15 per Share was 
voted on March 27, 2003 by the Board of Directors to some 
directors, officers and employees.  This options are valid until 
March 26, 2008. 

The TILLY property, (27 square km) wholly owned by SIRIOS 
(, is located 30 kilometers west of LG-4, 
James Bay, Quebec.

For more information:
Dominique Doucet, CEO
Phone: 514-510-7961

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